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The NTS2KOC puts out a newsletter every few months with information and pictures from previous events, articles, information on upcoming events, and general happenings about the club. Click here for our latest newsletter in PDF format. You can see our previous newsletters here:

April/June '04
January/March '04
October/December '03
July/September '03
April/June '03
January/March '03
November/December '02
September/October '02
July/August '02

For more information on the club or happenings in the area in general, please visit our forum at http://www.s2ki.com here. We keep local happenings and club info up-to-the-minute there and you will find all our latest info. You can also usually find answers to any questions you have already answered there.

For more information on the club, area happenings, or the web site in general, please feel free to email us at webmaster@s2000.org.

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