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About the North Texas S2000 Owner's Club


S2000.org went live on June 28, 2001, as a "repository" of Honda S2000 information, on the car, modifications, and events local to the North Texas area. Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, S2000.org is involved in local amateur racing and performance. We work closely not only with other local organizations, but also shops and suppliers in an attempt to form a network of reliable S2000-based information and services.

In the Spring of 2002, S2000.org joined forces with the North Texas S2000 Owner's Club (NTS2KOC) to provide both a web interface to the club and local activities, as well as provide you with more content. The NTS2KOC is a non-profit club dedicated to providing local owners with resources and enthusiasm based on the Honda S2000 roadster. The club hosts monthly social meets, track events, holiday get togethers, weekend drives, tech clinics, and a championship autocross series.

If you wish to contact us about membership in the club, please see our Application page. For more information on membership, or anything else regarding the club, please see our Contacts page.

For more information on the club or happenings in the area in general, please visit our forum at http://www.s2ki.com here. You can also click here for our latest newsletter in PDF format.

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